Our guiding principle

Moringa: Good for you - good for the world

On the basis of constantly growing knowledge, experience and further expansion of the partner network, we, as specialists around Moringa oleifera, want to promote the market spread of Moringa products from transparent, fair and sustainable production conditions both in Europe and by promoting cultivation, processing and sales in less developed countries, especially in Africa.

With the market dissemination of the outstanding properties of Moringa oleifera we would also like to make an important contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Our team

Christof Ruhmich

Chief Executive Officer

Coordination of management, support of partner network, marketing & sales, controlling

"To bring about social, entrepreneurial and sustainable changes in the world".

Dr. Gerd Scheying

Chief Research Officer

Crop Processing & Technology Partner

„Establishin Moringa oleifera in Africa, for Africa as a sustainable source of protein"


Our story

The path

Before the company was founded, the two founders Christof and Benjamin worked as project managers. They worked together for several years in crisis regions in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo. With people and for people, they actively and successfully provided assistance in this challenging environment in the areas of health care, road construction and food security. In the process, they have realized how difficult it is to achieve a truly sustainable improvement in the situation of those affected. Again and again they have seen aid projects fail already during the funding period or shortly afterwards.

Idea and founding of the business

Projects that use locally manufactured products to enable sustainable economic activity are most likely to improve the living conditions of the local people in the long term. In his search for a locally produced product, Christof came across the outstanding characteristics of the Moringa oleifera tree. Convinced and enthusiastic about its undemanding cultivation conditions and unique nutrient richness, the idea was born in 2015 to grow, process and market Moringa olefera locally and internationally together with local partners from Africa.

At the end of 2015, Christof and Benjamin, together with local partners, founded a Moringa production cooperative in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mag Mo  in Germany. From 2016, the first successful steps in the cultivation and processing of Moringa olefeira followed, as well as the start of local marketing of Moringa leaf powder in stand-up pouches with the introduction of the company's own brand MoringaStar.

In 2018, Moringa marketing activities were successfully extended to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, through the partnership with another local Moringa producer from the same region in Eastern Congo. Besides creating jobs, the consumption of Moringa oleifera contributes sustainably to the improvement of the nutritional and health situation of the local people.

Trade with Moringa oleifera raw materials and MoringaStar products in Germany

2018 hat die Mag Mo GmbH das Moringa Rohstoffgeschäft in Europa gestartet und verkauft Moringaprodukte unter der Marke MoringaStar.