Organic Moringa oleifera
Premium quality bulk goods

We are more than just a Moringa oleifera bulk seller: We are living Moringa

As co-founder and partner of Moringa oleifera producers in Africa, we accompany them with our know-how from the preparation of the fields, sowing and harvesting to the processing of the harvested Moringa oleifera raw materials.

Our Moringa oleifera bulk goods are in particular for:

Food ingredient companies

Manufacturer of food supplements

Tea producers and traders

Food processing companies

Personal care and cosmetics companies

Resellers and traders who want to purchase already imported raw materials from Germany

All products are laboratory-tested, certified organic in raw food quality or available as gently sterilized raw food in microbiologically optimized quality from stock in Germany.

  100 % Moringa Oleifera products, free from genetically modified organisms

  100 % natural, unsweetened and free from flavor enhancers

  Without additives: Free of preservatives, colorants and release agents

  Ingenious vital power with almost 30% vegetable protein, 10 essential amino acids, as well as numerous vitamins and antioxidants

Organic Moringa oleifera tea cut

Aromatic, finely spiced tea cut from dried Moringa oleifera leaves in various cut sizes for a full-bodied, natural taste experience

Organic Moringa oleifera leaf powder

Finely ground and high quality Moringa oleifera powder from organic and sustainable origin.

Organic Moringa oleifera leaves

100% organic Moringa oleifera leaves, gently dried, without big stems.


Organic Moringa oleifera oil

Pure vegetable, cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree - the beauty booster for skin & hair.

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Upon request, w also offer conventional Moringa bulk products

As a contractual partner and contact based in Germany, we offer:

  Reliable high quality at a fair price

A reliable, sustainable supply chain

Reliable and fast delivery

Regular visits of our partner suppliers

Technical know-how and competence in all questions around Moringa