Organic Moringa oleifera

We are more than just a Moringa oleifera service provider for Moringa oleifera white label products:         We are living Moringa

Due to the unique richness of nutrients, our Moringa oleifera white label products offer you an important added value in your product range.

  Ingenious vital power with almost 30% vegetable protein, 10 essential amino acids, as well as numerous vitamins and antioxidants

  100 % Moringa Oleifera products, free from genetically modified organisms

  100 % natural, unsweetened and free from flavor enhancers

  Without additives: Free of preservatives, colorants and release agents

We offer a standard range of Moringa oleifera white label products at reasonable prices. For the production we use our network of reliable contracters.

If you prefer other dosage forms or packaging for your products, together we will surely find an individual solution.

To be able to provide you with a non-binding and individual offer, simply send us an inquiry. Your request will be processed as soon as possible by our customer management (also available under phone: +49 151 22 05 935) and is free of charge.

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Organic Moringa oleifera

200 ml white PET can with 150 vegan HPMC capsules (size 0) with 500 mg each starting from 500 pieces and more

Organic Moringa oleifera
tea bags

Folding carton with 15 pyramid tea bags of 2 g each enveloped in an outer bag starting from 1,000 pieces (folding cartons)

Organic Moringa powder
in a stand-up pouch

500 ml stand-up pouch (stand-up pouch), paper/PE composite with 210 g organic Moringa oleifera powder each, printed with zipper starting from 500 pieces and more